How to make Date\Time attribute mandatory

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    Service Desk 2016.x

    Introduction: This document will teach you how to make a Date\Time attribute mandatory.


    1. Create the date\time attribute or use one that is there. In this case my customer wanted to put a Date Purchased date on his request window and make it mandatory so users would have to fill it out.

    2. Place the date\time attribute on the window.

    3. Click on it and go into the properties.

    4. Under 'DateTime Control Set', set your 'Date Time Display type'. You can choose what ever option you like here.

    5. Now in the properties you will see a 'Date Checkbox'. This won't be there until you set your 'Date Time Display type'.  Set that to true.

    6. Set your 'Is Mandatory' to True and save.

    7. Your properties should look like this:


    8. Now start a new request and your date\time field will have a check box and should look like this:


    9. When users try and save it without checking the check box in the date\time field they will get the famous Mandatory Field needs populating popup.


    10. One thing we can't control is that the user put in the correct date. This will only make them check the box and call attention to the Date Purchased attribute. You will need to train your users to put in the correct date\time.