How to hide the "Add Parent ..." action when creating child records

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    When creating a child record, for example a child incident, you use the Create Child Incident action.  When the child is created it performs the Add Parent Incident action automatically from the Open status which is done to allow your child process to acknowledge it has been added to or created from a parent and move the process on accordingly if desired.


    One by-product of this is that any user that performs the Create Child ... action, or an action such as I Am Affected which performs an automatic Create Child ... action, requires the privilege to perform the Add Parent ... action.  This means that once the child has been created you will often see the action available to perform manually and potentially add multiple parents and attach to records that would not be appropriate.


    Hiding the "Add Parent ..." action

    You cannot hide the action by revoking its privilege otherwise the child can't be created.  If the child record is going to use a different process than normal/parent records you can use some creative process design to avoid the Open status.  However in most cases you will want to use the same process as normal and not have to add extra parts to the design just to cater for that.


    The following method works in Service Desk version 7.4 onwards and uses a new process to create the child but automatically switch back to the main process afterwards.  This example uses the Full Incident process found in the Out Of The Box database.


    The Main Process

    The following screenshot shows the portion of the process design that allows users to create a child incident.  The Create Child Incident automatic action is configured to create the child using the same process:

    create child 1.PNG


    We will come back to the main process later but for now we will look at the new process required.


    The Child Process

    The following screenshot shows the design of the new process required for this technique:

    create child 2.PNG

    What this process does is create the record, then the Add Parent Incident action is triggered automatically by the parent which is followed by an automatic Reinitialise action which switches the record back to the main process.  Because this new process is handling the Add Parent Incident action you no longer need the action available in the main process.  The Close action and Closed status will never be used however are required to make the process pass Process Designer's validation.


    The steps to create this are as follows:

    1. Create a new process under Incident Management -> Incident.  Name it Child Creation.
    2. On the diagram add the Open status, a manaul Close action and the Closed status and link them together in a chain.
    3. Add a manual Add Parent Incident action and an automatic Reinitialise action and link them together from the Open status.
    4. Select the Reinitialise action and view the Properties panel.
    5. Select the Default Process property and set this to your main process.
    6. Save and activate the process.


    Changes required to the main process:

    1. Select the Create Child Incident action and view the Properties panel.
    2. Select the Default Process property and set this to the new Child Creation process.
    3. Remove any instances of the Add Parent Incident action as this is no longer required.
    4. Save and activate the process.