Fixing a corrupted user

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5


    Specific user in the core console crashes when looking at the properties of a patch



    Users rights, scopes, or group rights wont stick. Often this only happens to one or very few users with in a large group of users that all have the same scope or rights, but only one or a few exibit these abnormalities



    Corrupted User



    Use the following steps to delete then recreate the user;


    1) Create a new temp local user and add him to the Landesk Admin group.

    2) Add the new test user in the console.

    2) Right click on the user with problems and select delete.

    3) A screen will pop up.

    4) Check the box "assign objects to the following user or team:

    5) Select the new test user.

    6) Hit "OK"

    7) Refresh the users and verify that the user is gone.

    8) Now add the user back that you just deleted.

    9) Right click on the new temp user and select delete.

    10) A screen will pop up.

    11) Check the box "assign objects to the following user or team:

    12) Select the user you just added back.

    13) Hit "OK"

    14) verify that the user can do all that they should be able to and that the original problem is fixed.