Share IT with the LANDESK User Community

Version 36

    What is Share IT?

    Share IT allows customers to share and leverage concepts and ideas with other IT professionals. At LANDESK we know that we are lucky to have many clever people using our products and achieving amazing things.  At the request of our customers this area has been created to make sharing and finding these things easier to do.


    Requirement: Please read our LANDESK Share IT Disclaimer before continuing.


    How do I share something?

    If you have reports, utilities, designs, ideas, or success stories that you would like to share with the rest of the community then please do so here.  We know that our customers love to see what others have achieved.


    How to share your ideas with Share IT?


    Please remember to give feedback (rate the document using the stars at the end) and encouragement (add comments) on what our community members have take the time to share.  They might even add more if you do!