Things to check when autoclose is not closing tickets

Version 1

    Some possible issue that can affect autoclose


    Issue 1 – The service seems to try and close every incident regardless of their status, even those that are already closed.

    This will happen if the status you specify in the config file doesn’t exist.  For example by default this is “Resolved” but if this is mis-spelt or changed to a user-generated status be careful that the name you put in the config exactly matches the tps_name (NOT tps_title) column for that row in the lc_status table.



    Issue 2 – The service generates an error when closing each incident saying it can’t create a knowledge message because the required client class is missing.

    This will happen if the Close object is set to be knowledgeable, and therefore a Data Change is added to the knowledge queue entries.  To do this the service needs to have the Touchpaper.ClientClasses.KnowledgeManagement.dll so it “knows” the knowledge module.  In the 7.2.3 release (not tested with any previous) the dll isn’t there.  To fix simply copy the dll from the Console folder.


    Issue 3 – The incidents aren’t closing when you think they should.

    I made a discovery yesterday on how the service calculates when an incident is due to be closed.  It first checks the incident is at the correct status, then to see how long its been at that status it checks when the most recent resolution was done.  The problem is it uses the most recent resolution to check regardless of what action was performed to get to that status.