About Specifications and FAQ for Ivanti Virtual Cloud Services Appliance

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    Ivanti™ Virtual Cloud Services Appliance (VCSA)

    Extending our market leadership in providing the best remote endpoint management tools for growing global organizations, Ivanti is excited to announce the availability of the Ivanti™ Virtual Cloud Services Appliance. As in the past, we offered the industry's best solution for managing remote devices, and we continue our tradition by offering the same great capabilities and benefits but without the need for a physical hardware appliance. We will continue to offer the traditional Cloud Services Appliance (CSA), but will add the Virtual Cloud Services Appliance to our excellent offering.



    Recommended Specifications:

    ESXi 5.x server (for the vCSA) with the following resources available:


    - CPU - 2 Processors

    - Memory - 8GB RAM

    - Storage - 50GB

    - Network - 2 1GB NICs



    Ivanti Virtual Cloud Services Appliance (vCSA) FAQ


    Q. Where can I download the vCSA?


    1. The Virtual Cloud Services Appliance is available for download from the customer license portal here.


    Q. How will customers be able to install the virtual appliance?


    1. The vCSA is available as a single download that contains 3 Virtual Machine files.  These files may easily be imported into a VMWare ESX environment


    Q. What versions of VMWare ESX are supported?


    1. The vCSA underwent validation against VMWare ESX 5.x.  We do not anticipate any issues in other ESX  environments.


    Q. Are there any new features in the vCSA?

    1. No, the vCSA uses the same software implementation as the hardware based appliance.


    Q. How will the virtual appliance be updated?

    1. Software patches will be provided to customers in an experience similar to the existing hardware appliance. The Virtual Machine will also be fully updated as software patches become available, removing the requirement for new customers to manually update the appliance prior to implementing it in their environment.


    Q. Will the vCSA scale to higher capacity if I increase the computer resources available to the Virtual Machine?  Will this enable the vCSA to handle more maximum connections?

    1. Customers will see marginal gains with increased resources.


    Q. Is alternate Hyper-visors Supported?


      A. The format of the Virtual image will not impact the CSA but we can only provide the image as a VMDK. If you would like to use other platforms, you can convert the VMDK platform to Hyper-v or others. The conversion is not supported as there might be drivers needed to be added depending on the platform. The CSA is supported as normal assuming the conversion was completed and the OS boots up.


    Q. If a customer has purchased the hardware appliance will they be entitled to the virtual appliance?


    1. Yes, customers who have purchased a hardware appliance will be able to migrate their license to the virtual appliance. Customers are not entitled to use the virtual appliance in addition to their hardware appliance, a single license only allows for a single instance of the appliance


    Q. Can a customer evaluate this software as part of a 45-day evaluation?

    1. Yes.


    Q. Does the virtual appliance license allow for a second instance of the appliance to run in a disaster recovery configuration?


    1. If both instances of the appliance are running concurrently, two licenses will be required.  We recommend customers take advantage of VMware’s High Availability and Disaster Recovery features to reduce the need for additional licenses.