9.5 TVT Rollup Core Console prompts for Core Server Activation preventing access to the TVT Rollup Core Console

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    LANDESK Management Suite 9.5


    After a new 9.5 TVT Rollup Core Server installation you are able to configure and schedule database rollups using the LANDesk Rollup Database utility without problems. When you attempt to access the 9.5 TVT Rollup Core through the Web Console or the LANDesk Management Console you're prompted to activate your license before you can connect to the server. This is shown in the screenshot below. As there is no Rollup Core Server activation, you can't access the Rollup Core Console.

    TVT Rollup.JPG



    The TVT LANDesk Management Console is not installed with the TVT Rollup Core Server installation. The "standard" LANDesk Management Console is installed on a TVT Rollup Core installation. The only access to the TVT Rollup Core Console can be done through the TVT LANDesk Management Console utility.



    Use the same TVT LANDesk Management Console to  access the TVT Rollup Core Console that you use to access your LANDesk TVT Core(s).