Upgrading Apache Tomcat Because of Known Security Threats (Avalanche 5.x)

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    Avalanche 5.3Avalanche SE 5.3

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    Avalanche comes with Apache Tomcat v7.0.11 which has been reported to have some security vulnerabilities. This document covers some steps that will resolve these security threats by upgrading Apache Tomcat.


    *Here is a snippet from Apache Tomcat regarding the Security Threat:


    pic 1.png



    Follow these steps to upgrade Apache Tomcat:


    *First Confirm Apache Tomcat version by going to http://localhost:8080



    Upgrade Step 1: Stop Apache Tomcat Service

    pic 3.png








    Step 2: Copy and Replace all files in the \AvalancheMC\webutilities\Tomcat folder with the new ones from the ‘apache-tomcat-7.0.34-windows-x86.zip’.





    Step 3: Start Apache Tomcat for Wavelink Service

    Step 4: Confirm Upgrade by going to http://localhost:8080





    Even though I am using a 64bit OS, I had to use the files from the x86 download for Apache Tomcat in order for the service to start correctly. I believe this is because we are not coded to work with the 64bit version.