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Version 7

    At LANDESK we know that we are lucky to have many clever people using our products and achieving amazing things.  This area has been created to make posting and finding these things easier to do.  Please ensure that you read our LANDESK Share IT Disclaimer before continuing


    We know that our customers love to see what others have achieved.  Please remember to give feedback and encouragement on what our members have chosen to share.

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    How do I find what's been shared for Asset Lifecycle or Process Manager customers?


    In the top-right search box, type any key words and click Search. 


    How do I give feedback or ask questions?

    • To add a comment or question click the Add Comment button at the bottom of the document.
      • PLEASE NOTE:  The content shared in this area is not tested or recommended by LANDesk Support (see full disclaimer) and so unfortunately you cannot raise a support request for help.  However community members may be able to assist you.


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