Turned on the Auditing for attributes on User and Group - where can I see the audit history?

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    Verified Product Versions

    LANDESK Service Desk 7.7.x



    ServiceDesk 7.5




    I have set the 'Is Auditable?' property to True for attributes on the User and Group objects. I would now like to see this auditing information but I cannot find where to see the audit details.



    There isn't a nice way to look at the audit trail for User and Group because you only get the audit trail panel when looking at process records, As User and Group are non-process objects you can't see the audit trail in the UI.


    However, you could use an SQL script to show the changes made to auditable items (see below).


    Here is a SQL script to view changes made to audited attributes:


    select t1.tps_creation_datetime as 'Date Changed', t5.tps_title as 'Changed By',

    t3.md_title as 'Object', t1.tps_object_guid as 'Record', t4.md_title as 'Attribute',

    t2.tps_original_value as 'Old', t2.tps_value as 'New' from tps_audit_trail t1

    join tps_audit_trail_value t2 on t1.tps_guid = t2.tps_audit_trail_item_guid

    join md_class_type t3 on t1.tps_class_type_id = t3.md_guid

    join md_attribute_type t4 on t2.tps_attribute_type_guid = t4.md_guid

    join tps_user t5 on t1.tps_creation_user = t5.tps_guid

    where t1.tps_type = 2

    order by t1.tps_audit_id