How To: Import/Export Kaspersky Agent Settings

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    Endpoint Manager 2016.x




    This article contains explanations on how to import settings of the Kaspersky Agent (on the client) to the LDMS agent settings on the Core Server.

    Sometimes you might want to personalize the settings of your Antivirus agent, in the tab Settings for example, especially when you are not able to change it from the Core.


    One setting that you will possibly want to change is the Exception List inside the Network Attack Blocker.


    The IP adresses range you will want to exclude will be add locally to your agent, but if you want the same IP adresses exclusion list in your other LANDesk Antivirus 9.5 clients that you managed, you will need to export your Antivirus client settings and import them to your Core. Then, you will be able to deploy those settings to a group of machines.


    Export your client's settings


    Once you have configured the Antivirus client  as needed, you will want to export the settings.


    1. Configure the Network Attack Blocker (for example) :



    1. Export the settings of the Agent (Advanced Settings > Save )




    Import your client's settings to the core


    Importing AV Settings into the LDMS Core will allow for pushing the customized *.cfg to other clients.

    1. Open Agent Settings > LANDesk Antivrus settings > Advanced Settings > Import





    Then you are ready to use those settings for your agents, in this example, your LANDesk Antivirus 9.5 agent will now have the Network Attack Blocker configured.


    Import settings to other clients directly

    Occasionally, you might want to import these settings directly to other clients.


    1. Open LANDesk Antivirus on the client
    2. Select the Settings tab and select Advanced Settings
    3. Under the Manage Settings header, select the Load button.  Choose your .cfg file and import it.


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