How to set up Silent Installs for Cab Files for Package Builder / How to install cab files in the background

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    There are two methods for creating a package that will silently install cab file/s, and this article will cover both of them. It is assumed that you know how to build a package, and are familiar with the basic concepts of Package Builder since we will not go over this. Let's dig right in!!!


    Method 1: Using the post install script or INI file

    These examples demonstrate how the syntax should look in the post install script to execute silent installs


    For Windows CE Devices


    CabFiles = Yes

    CabCommand = \Windows\wceload.exe

    CabParams = /noaskdest /noui "@"


    For Windows Mobile Devices


    CabFiles = Yes

    CabCommand = \Windows\wceload.exe

    CabParams = /silent /noui "@"


    ***Additional INI Commands that may be useful, but are not required


    CabMonitorInstall = [Yes | No] disables the installation monitoring. Use [No] for CAB files that reboot the device during installation.

    Reboot = [Auto | Yes]

    RebootType = [Warm | Cold]



    Method 2: Using a Startup Command

    This can be configured from the Package Information tab, and works just like a typical startup command in Windows. If your device has a start/run cmd window then you can manually test the startup command prior to building the package to ensure that it works. This package type should be Auto Run.


    Sample Startup Command:

    \windows\wceload.exe /noaskdest /noui /delete 0 \temp\COFERfClientNew.CAB


    ***Note that in this example the COFERfClientNew.CAB is located or pushed to the \temp directory on the device.

    ***You can only have 1 cab silently install when using a startup command because you can only add one startup command per package. If you have multiple cabs that need to silently install then you should use the INI file.



    Additional Notes

    WCELoad must be on the device for silent installations to work, and is normally part of the OS (located in the Windows Folder).

    WCELoad is a Windows Application, follow this link to learn more about WCELoad

    If you have multiple cab files that are being installed in one package, they will all install using the switches (commands) from the post install script (INI). In other words, all cab files in the package will execute using the same commands.