iOS is not correctly redirected during registration (SPS 2.0.X)

Version 3


    Avalanche Smartphone Server 2.0.X



    When registering an iOS device to the Wavelink Avalanche Smartphone server, the device does not arrive to the correct page

    After hitting Register from the Wavelink Avalanche app for the iOS mobile devices, Safari Browser will launch to the server address port 8443.


    That page is blank. The browser should be redirecting to




    This is caused by the absence of the file that contains the redirect. The file is index.html file from tomcat\webapps\ROOT


    Solution/ Workaround:

    To resolve this problem download the file from this article.

    Unzip this folder and extract the index.html file

    Stop Tomcat service

    Copy the attached index.html from this article into the problematic servers tomcat\webapps\ROOT directory.

    Restart Tomcat service afterward.