RS507 will not pair with VC5090 in TE

Version 1


    Motorola VC5090

    RS507 Bluetooth Scanner



    After launching TelnetCE , Bluetooth Scanner is not an option when the user should be prompted to select what scanner they will be using.


    Bluetooth is enabled on the VC5090, and Bluetooth Explorer can detect the Bluetooth scanner(s).



    The VC5090 requires an additional .CAB file to be run. This is obtained from Motorola Support


    Solution / Workaround:

    In order for VC5090 devices to work with the RS507, a .cab file needs to be obtained from Motorola support and run on the device.

    To request the .cab file needed, visit and do a search for "VC5090 CE5.0 Enhancement CAB for RS507 Hands-Free Imager v.R3".

    After Motorola has provided the .cab file, load the cab file onto the device and run it from the application directory.

    The device will reboot. After the reboot, launch TelnetCE and you will be able to use the Bluetooth Scanner