Wavelink Avalanche Enterprise Server service does not stay started after installation

Version 1


    Avalanche 5.3.x

    PostgreSQL 9.1 database



    Wavelink Avalanche Enterprise Server service starts and stops. Postgres service is started. There are no errors in the install log.



    This can be caused by having the ^ (shift + 6) character in your Postgres Super User password.

    The problem is that Postgres will truncate this character, while Avalanche saves it.

    When Avalanche tries to log into postgres, it gets an invalid password error.

    When the Wavelink Avalanche Enterprise Server service cannot log in or establish communication with the database it will shut down


    Resolution / Workaround:

    To avoid this problem do not use the ^ (shift + 6) character in the Super User password.

    If this problem is occurring, uninstall Avalanche and reinstall it using a Super User password without the problematic character or reference our article about changing the SuperUser Password within Avalanche.