LXE Thor will only scan the first digit of a barcode, or will insert ? into the barcode

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3


    • LXE MX9, Tecton MX7T, Thor VM1
    • Windows CE 5, Windows CE 6
    • Wavelink TelnetCE 7.x



    • The barcode will only scan the first digit
    • When I scan, one or multiple '?' are inserted into the barcode
    • Wavelink TelnetCE will not display all of scanned bar code.



    There are two ways to solve this issue. One is on the Wavelink side and one is on the device side:


    Wavelink Solution:


    This can be resolved by making a change in the emulation parameters.

    1. Go into the Emulation Parameters > Emulation > Keyboard.



    2. In here there is a setting for Sticky Keys Mode, set this to No

    3. Save the configuration

    4. Send this update to the device

    5. The device should now scan the barcodes properly.


    Honeywell/LXE Solution:

    1. Select 'Control Panel' > 'Data Collection' > 'Processing'.
    2. Uncheck the option 'Enable buffered key output'.