Unable to Remote Control devices through the Avalanche Web-Console except on the Avalanche Server itself

Version 2


    Avalanche 5.0.x and higher

    Remote Control 4.0 and higher




    The devices may be Remote Controlled through the Avalanche Java Console.

    The device can be Remote Controlled through the Web-Console on the same machine as Remote Control is installed to.

    All other locations are unable to Remote Control devices via web-console




    This is a problem that has to do with Compatibility View in the browser settings


    Solution / Workaround:

    On one of the problematic machines, go into Tools > Compatibility View Settings.

    In this screen, there is a checkbox next to Display intranet sites in Compatibility View.

    Uncheck this option and this machine can now remote control devices through the web-console

    (Internet Explorer 8 is used in this example)