iOS: How to find a link / Appstore ID in Apple App Store for software payload

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    Avalanche 6.1

    How to find a link / appstore ID in Apple App Store for an iOS software payload



    Avalanche on Demand

    Avalanche 6.0+

    Apple iOS device


    If you are having trouble using the Quixey search tool to find your application, there is another way that you can still link an App store page to a software profile.

    This can be accomplished by just placing the app store ID for the application into the App field




    To get the correct ID, visit and search for your desired app



    The website will now show a list of items that meet the criteria for this search.



    Select the App that you want to use in your software payload. From here you can find the App ID, in either the Embed Code or in the Direct link. Just look for the id followed by the several numbers. You do not need to copy the letters ID, just the numbers.


    Once you have the ID paste it into the App line on the software payload.