Unable to License "Attempting to contact a license server on the local segment... TIMED OUT!"

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3Terminal Emulation 7.2Terminal Emulation 7.0


    Wavelink Emulation Client License Server 4.x




    Mobile Devices are unable to connect to license server. Displaying error message "Attempting to contact a license server on the local segment... TIMED OUT!"




    This is often caused by the requested license being unavailable on the license server.


    to verify


    Log onto the Wavelink Emulation Client License Server, and go into the "Status" menu.

    In this menu there is a list of Unlicensed Devices. This list will tell you what license type the mobile device is requesting.





    Solution / Workaround:

    1. This can be resolved by entering additional licenses of the requested platform version.

    2. This can also be caused by an incorrect host emulation type, and can be corrected by making changing the emulation type within the host profile.

    3. This can also be fixed by making sure the License Server Address is configured in the Emulation Parameters. Emulation Parameters > Emulation > Common> License Server Addresses > (Specify the host name or the IP Address of a specific License Server)

    4. Licenses can also be made unavailable due to a Site ID mismatch.

    To verify

    Log onto the license server.

    View the license details and make note of the Site ID

    Compare the Site ID to the Emulation Parameter >  Emulation > Common > License Server Site ID

    Make sure that these match.