Unable to install a software package "File does not contain Manifest"

Version 3


    Avalache Management Console



    Unable to install a software package. Error message "File does not contain Package" or "Install failed package file does not contain a manifest"



    This is typically caused by importing very old software packages


    Solution / Workaround:

    This is resolved by running the package through Package Converter.

    Package Converter comes installed with avalanche and is found in the Avalanche install directory (typically C:\Program Files\Wavelink\AvalancheMC called PackageConverter.zip)

    Unzip this into a folder of your choosing

    Open command prompt and point it to the folder where you unzipped Package Converter

    Put the problematic package in the new folder

    In command prompt, type  "Runit.bat nameofpackage.ava newnameforpackage.ava"


    The new .ava file will now be in this folder. Install the newly created .ava file and it should now install to Avalanche