Devices keep disappearing from AMC / One device showing in the mobile device inventory at a time

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    Avalanche 4.x or 5.x versions



    Devices keep disappearing from Avalanche OR 1 device will replace another in the mobile device inventory.



    This issue is caused when devices are sharing the same GUID (unique id). The main cause for this is when the device is 'staged' or 'imaged' incorrectly. When a device is imaged and you do not remove the _local.prf from the image this issue can occur.



    With enabler 4.6 and older you should delete the _local.prf from the image or the \Avalanche\config folder on the device to solve this issue.


    With enablers 4.6 and above, you need to delete the _local.prf, _local.prf.opf, devprop.prf, and the devprop.prf.opf.


    It is important to remember to contact the server immediately after doing this so the device doesn't lose any of its settings. If you cold boot the device after deleting these files, and do not reconnect to the server, you will lose all enabler configurations!