Manual license activation Avalanche 5.x and above

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    How do I do a manual license activation on Avalanche 5.x?



    Each dserver has its own node lock that can be used for manual activation if needed. This can be useful if you are having trouble getting the dserver to pull licenses from the eserver. To find the node lock of the dserver you can look in the Avalanche.log (from that dserver), or you can browse to the AvalancheMC folder (on the eserver) and search the Wavelink.ALC file. This file contains a list of all dservers and their node locks. After finding the node lock you will follow the same steps for manual activation through the site.


    The .LIC files for the dserver/s reside in the below locations


    MM\Program folder for Infrastructure dservers

    Avalanche\Service folder for Mobile Device dservers