ENTER and or Tab function needed after each scan through a WEB connection that does not provide META tags.

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3


    When a web page is loaded that requires Enter (or perhaps Tab) to follow each scan, but the page itself does not include any META tags to specify whether or not the Enter key should be pressed automatically after each scan. 



    The encountered web page requires Enter, Tab or perhaps a combination of Tab and Enter to be satisfied after each scan, and doesn’t provide the needed META tags to do so.



    The Emulation Web setting of WEB Default Scanner Auto Keys provides options that can be used to satisfy web page requirements for Enter, Tab, or even Tab and Enter.  WEB Default Scanner Auto Keys can be located by launching the Wavelink Product Configuration utility and selecting Emulation Parameters.  Navigate to Emulation\WEB\WEB Default Scanner Auto Keys.


    WEB Default Scanner Auto Keys.JPG


    Select the needed key option.

    Select File and Save.


    Restart the WL Industrial Browser for the settings to take effect.