Manual Mobile Device Server Installation / Failed to install deployment service (IServ) to the remote machine

Version 9

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.0Avalanche 5.3Avalanche 5.2Avalanche 5.0Avalanche 4.8Avalanche SE 5.3


    Avalanche 4.x or 5.x




    • When you try to deploy a device server, it fails. In the alerts tab you receive this message: Failed to install deployment service (IServ) to the remote machine
    • How do I perform a manual dserver installation?





    Follow these steps to manually install an Avalanche dServer. This can be useful if you are having problems installing a dServer due to permissions issues.


    Step 1. Create an MDS Package in AMC


    Step 2. On the Avalanche Eserver browse to the AvalancheMC\deploy\AgentPackage folder and open the zipped deployment package.


    Step 3. Copy the Avalanche.Properties and WLAvalancheService.exe files from the zipped file.


    Step 4. Copy these files to the directory where you would like to install the dServer (in this case test)


    5. Open Command Prompt as an Administrator and Browse to the test directory and run the command WLAvalancheService.exe –i w . (Don't forget the period!)

    (On Windows Server 2012 please just use   WLAvalancheService.exe -i omit w.)

    6. Start the service WLAvalancheService -s



    You should be good to go now, but to gain the right-click features of the MDS you need to follow a few more steps.



    Step 7. To gain this functionality you will need to go back to the zip file and go into the MM folder and get the and WLAmcServiceManager.exe files. Then place them in the same directory as the other files and run the same commands for this service to be installed.




    Then run these commands;


    WLAmcServiceManager –i w . (Don't forget the period)

    (On Windows Server 2012 please just use WLAmcServiceManager.exe -i omit w.)




    WLAmcServiceManager –s to start the service





    The dServer will show up in the unassigned locations inside the AvalancheMC Console, and will need to be moved to your desired location