Troubleshooting Device Connection Issues with  / Agent Not Found / Agent-Disconnect

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0Avalanche 5.3Avalanche 5.2Avalanche 5.0Avalanche 4.8Avalanche Pre-4.8Avalanche SE 5.3Avalanche SE 5.2Avalanche SE 5.0Avalanche SE 4.8Avalanche SE pre-4.8


    Avalanche 4.x to 6.1



    My device will not connect to the Avalanche Server. You may see an "Agent Not Found" or "Agent-Disconnect" message appear in the enabler update window on the device.



    1. Does the device have a valid IP Address? Verify this by going to "Help/Adapter Info" tab within the enabler

    2. Can you ping the device's IP address from the Avalanche dServer CMD Prompt?

    3. Are other devices connecting to the dServer? If no other devices are connecting to the Avalanche dServer, then you probably have an issue with the Mobile Device Server (MDS), check to see that the MDS service is running.

    4. Verify that port 1777 is open and available for two-way traffic (TCP & UDP).

    5. Make sure your dServer is not in a "dormant" condition by right-clicking on it in the console and viewing the status.


    Additional Note

    Devices will not connect to the MDS during universal deployments (synchronization's), however once the deployment is done your devices should check back in.