What the difference A B and C eserver backlog

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    What do the different levels of eServer back logging represent? A1 vs C3 etc.





    A = "Agent" or dServer messages
    B = Background messages including Mobile device stats and Set MUs. (5.0)
    C= Console messages: These are changes set from the console and take highest priority since 4.8.1.



    Additional Information:

    Applicable Product Version(s):AMC 4.x, 5.x
    Applicable Device(s):


    Before v.4.8.1 all messages were treated equally and could lead to the console being unresponsive until the backlog was cleared.


    Since 4.8.1 "C" takes top priority and helps maintain a responsive user interface. A and B are processed thereafter.


    B is just a sub set of messages from A. This includes mobile device and real-time statistics. If B level back logging continues to be an issue, customers can suppress a lot of this data at the mobile profile and shut off or lower the real-time stats interval. (RealTimeStatsInterval = 0)


    The number following the A B C denotes the priority for that category.


    C1 = Highest priority
    C2 = Medium priority
    C3 = Low priority


    A1 = High priority
    A2 = Medium priority
    A3 = Low priority


    B1 = High priority
    B2 = Medium priority
    B3 = Low priority