Disable touchscreen when connected to host using emulation

Version 3


    In some instances it is necessary to disable the touchscreen during emulation to avoid the focus from being taken off of the input fields if the touchscreen is accidentally touched. The setting to disable the touchscreen is called: Pen/mouse cursor movement.



    This is in the emulation parameters of the telnet client under:

    • Connect the device to the computer
    • Open the telnet configuration utility


    • Open Emulation Parameters


    • Navigate to Emulation>Display>Pen/Mouse Cursor Movement.
      • This setting by default is enabled. Disabling this setting will make the touchscreen inactive when connected to the host.


    • After you change this setting, click save.


    • Send the settings down to the device by clicking the 'Config' button OR 'Application and Config' button. (Application and Config will re-install the application while the Config Only option)


    • Once you have sent the settings to the device, restart telnet (close and open telnet).