Workstation ID not working as "ppt %m%n%o%p%q%r"

Version 1

    Issue / Problem:

    A customer was entering in the characters "ppt %m%n%o%p%q%r". When they try to connect a session it says it is not a unique ID.



    Customer tried to make a connection to the telnet server and each time it fails after changing around the Workstation ID.


    Resolution or Workaround:

    %m - %r would set the entire MAC, preceeded in this case by "ppt" and a space. Sometime the space can cause the ID to fail on a server and sometime too many characters can do the same. Try removing characters if removing the space does not work. Some servers may only allow 8 characters and other could be 12 or more. A default value of 10 seems to be common.