Invalid Scan or Too Long For Field

Version 1

    Issue / Problem:

    When Bar code is scanned (case in point, Code128 bar code) in 5250 Emulation, the user would get "Invalid Scan" (first reported as "Too Long for Field").



    All test and even logs showed that the bar code was fine. It was ten characters long and the field was set to accept 10 characters. There were no field separators or groups separators either in the bar code. that could be noted.


    Resolution or Workaround:

    Try changing the Oversize Scanning option to "Split" or "Truncated" on the 5250 portion of the Emulation Parameters menu, under Common.


    Applicable Product Version(s):

    Telnet 7.1-20


    Multiple Notes:

    Possible field was short then expected or had other unknown settings.