Insufficient disk space on C drive

Version 1

    Environment: Avalanche installation


    Problem: When attempting to install to an alternative drive, the install fails due to insufficient space on the C:\ Drive.


    Solution: There is a workaround for this:

    1. Copy the Avalanche MC executable (AvalancheMC_4020.exe) to an easily accessible location on your system. (Requires access to the .exe via the command prompt).

    2. Create a directory on the alternative drive where the temp files will be extracted/stored during the install.

    3. Open a command prompt.

    4. Type 'SET' then press '.' the command prompt displays a list of system settings. Notice two settings towards the bottom of the list: one begins with 'TMP' and the other with 'TEMP'. You will need to change both of these.

    5. At the command prompt type 'SET TEMP=.'

    6. At the command prompt type 'SET TMP=.'

    7. Keep the command prompt open.

    8. Now use the command prompt to navigate to the location of the AvalancheMC.exe.

    9. Enter the .exe name to begin the installation process. Note: When using SET at the command prompt, the settings changes are only valid while that command prompt remains open.