Suspended device won't wake up after time out

Version 1



    Applicable Device(s):MC9190 WM6.5, MC9500 WM6.5

    The issue has been observed and noted in the Motorola devices with Windows Mobile 6.5



    Device won't wake up after time out.



    When devices suspends occasionally it doesn't wake up if Wavelink TE is running.Device requires a cold boot to come out of the locked/sleep  state.


    Resolution or Workaround

    Go into the Windows Menu > Settings > System > Power > scroll over to  the Wakeup Option.

    Look through there and see if keyboard and trigger  are set to No under the PwrKey column.

    If they are set to No, set them  to Yes and apply the setting changes.

    The selected options will now be  acceptable wake-up triggers.