How To: Use Putty to SSH Into the LANDESK Management Gateway Appliance.

Version 4



    How to use Putty to SSH into the LANDESK Management Gateway Appliance.

    Applies to the LANDESK Management Gateway Appliance and Putty Version




    On the LANDESK Management Gateway Appliance, SSH must be allowed on the interface you desire to connect through. This is configured on the Security tab found on the left hand tool bar (https://gatewayname/gsb/firewall.php).


    Next you will need to configure Putty to SSH to the LDMGA.

    The latest version of Putty can be found here.

    The license information for Putty can be viewed here.


    Enter the Host Name or IP address in the destination field on the Session category.


    Next go to the SSH section found in the Connection category.

    Move 3DES up above AES and Blowfish, then open the connection.

    Note SSH 2 must be used.