Timeouts for ConnectPro

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Session Persistence Server 4.4


    How do the timeouts for hostservice host1 & proxyservice proxy1 work within the stored proxy configs?



    The ConnectPro timers work together. The first timer that runs is the proxyservice proxy1 timeout, and once this timer has completed the second timer (hostservice host1) will begin.


    For example, when using the configuration below, after 4 minutes of inactivity the device would be kicked off the session. Then, 2 minutes after that, ConnectPro would terminate the session and the device would no longer be able to reconnect to the stored job.


    // This is the connection to the telnet/ssh host.

    hostservice host1


    ssh off

    timeout 2m

    undeliverable retain

    reconnect-buffer 5000


    // The next two lines (if uncommented) allow an AS/400 Workstation ID to be detected.

    // codeset EBCDIC

    // stationid-template "Display[ .]+:\s+(.+?)[ ]"


    // This is the connection to the telnet/ssh client.

    proxyservice proxy1

    server host1


    timeout 4m

    ssl off


    Here are some screenshots