Troubleshooting Dynamic Windows

Version 18

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    Service Desk 7.7.x


    This article was written to assist troubleshooting common issues with Dynamic Windows.  It is assumed you understand how to set up dynamic windows and have some experience writing calculations.

    While Dynamic Windows are calculation intensive, this is not intended to be a calculation troubleshooting document.  For that, you want the Calculations Troubleshooting Guide.

    This article was written for 7.6 WebDesk and Mobile WebDesk.  Any changes in future versions will be noted in addition to what is written here.



    Quick reference flowchart





    Potential issues and recommended approaches


    Attribute properties not changing

    Are you seeing the correct window?  Check your window view rules.

    Is the calculation attribute present on the window in Window Manager?

    Test the calculation in the calculation editor.  Does it return the results you expect?  If not, you need to review your calculation.

    Ensure the Calculation Attribute's calculation type set to "Window Calculation" in Object Designer.

    Ensure the "Is calculate on change" property is set to true on the Trigger Attribute in Window Manager.

    Ensure the Trigger Attribute is set as a dependency in the calculation.  Note:  This can be easy to miss when writing the calculation because the editor sometimes adds other attributes as dependencies automatically. 

         If you have multiple calculations on your window, ensure the Trigger Attribute is set as a dependency on the right one.

    Are you evaluating an attribute in your calculation that is itself populated by a calculation?  If it is a BeforeSave or Scheduled type calculation attribute then ensure it contains data.  AfterRead calculations may produce unexpected results.

    Are you evaluating a category in your calculation?  If so, and it is not taking subcategories into account, have a look at this article:  How to evaluate Categories in calculations.



    Attribute properties changing unexpectedly

    This can be caused by setting an attribute as the target for two or more window calculations.  Check all the calculations on your window to see if this is the case.  If it is, you will need to redesign the calculations.



    Attribute properties changing incorrectly

    Check the output string in your window calculation:

         Are you using the correct window function?  :SetHidden(), :SetReadOnly(), :SetMandatory().

         If you are using more than one variable in your calculation you may be using the wrong placeholder for the variable it relates to {0}, {1}, {2} etc.


    "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" error when changing a Trigger Attribute value or when displaying a record

    You most likely have a failing calculation on the window. To find out why, click the Show Details button when you get this error and look at the bottom of the stack trace.  There will be an inner exception with an error next to it, which will indicate the actual cause of the issue.  You can troubleshoot these errors using this document:  Troubleshooting calculation error messages