How to report multiple device properties in a custom report

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    How to report multiple device properties in a custom report



    You can report multiple Device Properties in a custom report.

    This is available on the latest build of Avalanche Mobility Center (5.3.1 and newer) and with the latest update to the AvalancheWeb.war file (Build date of 3-29-2013 and newer).

    If you do not have the latest AvalancheWeb.war file, contact Wavelink Support for assistance with the update.


    What is a Device Property in a custom report?


    A Device Property would be considered anything that is not available in any of the other reporting tables.

    For example,  you may want to report on the Avalanche Terminal ID and device Serial Number. Terminal ID is available in the MobileDevice table. So you just have to check the box for Terminal ID.


    Serial Number (along with many other properties) are not listed in this table, or any other table. All other properties are considered Device Properties, they also may be referred to as custom properties.



    How do I report Device Properties?


    To report on Device Properties we have to use a table called DeviceProperty. We will want to use PropertyName and PropertyValue from this table.


    Now, you can only add a DeviceProperty table by using the Add Table button once, for all other custom properties you will need to type in the Select and From values yourself. Here is an example of the format. a. is some properties from the MobileDevice table, but b. c. and d. are from DeviceProperty. So there are three device properties that will be reported.


    Select: a.TerminalId, b.PropertyName, b.PropertyValue, c.PropertyName, c.PropertyValue, d.PropertyName, d.PropertyValue


    From: MobileDevice as a, DeviceProperty as b, DeviceProperty as c, DeviceProperty as d


    You will specify what properties you want to report on the Where line. I will be using some generic properties found on all enablers, but make a note that you can report on your own custom properties in this same way.


    *Note: I am using the TerminalId to filter this report down to one device to make it easy to read.


    Where: a.TerminalId='NJHH033' and b.PropertyName='SerialNumber' and c.PropertyName='EnablerVer' and d.PropertyName='OsType'


    Hit Next to Name your report, select your output format, and finish your report.


    The report will look like this :




    You can omit PropertyName from the select line, but the report will not mention the property name. They will show up in the order that you have them in the select line.


    It will look like this: