Scanning Problems on Intermec Devices

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3


    Intermec CK71, TelnetCE



    On Intermec devices there are frequent issues with the scanner not initializing or starting when telnet starts, or after the device has gone to sleep.



    Telnet starts, but the scan beam does not work. This can also happen when the device has been scanning, then goes to sleep, and is awaken.



    This issue is caused from a conflict between Wavelink TE Scan DLL and Intermecs Scan DLL. To resolve this you need to:


    1. Go into emulation parameters>scanner>common>"No Scanner Configuration" and set to "Do Not Configure Scanner" & also "Enable Scanner on Exit" set to "Yes". Save and deploy to device, be sure to restart telnet.

    2. Configure Intermec Smart Systems: (Intermec Settings>Data Collection>Internal Scanner>Scanner Settings>Hardware Trigger) Make sure this is checked or the scanner will not work.