AMC/ASE: Selection Criteria for "Reported IP" addresses and "Assigned IP" addresses

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    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 5.3

    Which IP address is used (in the concept of Reported IP and Assigned IP) in the selection criteria "IP ="?

    In the Selection Criteria of "IP =" You may set either a specific IP address or an entire range of IP addresses. It is important to know which IP address it is that you are building off of between the reported IP address and the assigned IP address: The assigned IP address is the address reported by the enabler during registration. The reported IP address (as well as the IP address column) is the address from the Mobile Device Server point of view. If a device has an address of and connects to the agent via a NAT/PAT wall, the agent may see the device as connecting from, thus: > assigned IP address = > reported IP address =