Return a file from a device and have it go into the HOME directory

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 5.3


    How do I return a file from a device and have it go into the HOME directory (which is specified in the Mobile Device Server Profile under the General Tab)? Also, 5.0 Home directory has now moved to Mobile DServer Profile, The path will be the User Files Upload Path.



    • First you must create a package in Package Builder specifying the file you would like returned in the bottom section of the retrievable files tab.
      • Set the option for Store Drive to APPS, and leave the Store Path empty(unless you specify a wildcard below).
      • You may want to set the Package Type as Config if you will not be pushing down any files in the Package Files tab.
    • Validate and Build this package.
    • Once you have built the the package go to the package in using file explorer.
    • Using winzip or another program extract the ava.
    • Once extracted the package you will see a folder name TempInstall.PRF, drill down until you are in the (packagename).PKG folder.
      • Here you will see the PPF for the package, open this using a text editor. In this file you will need to modify the line from "user.file.agent.dir=APPS;" TO "user.file.agent.dir=HOME;"
      • If you set a wildcard the line will look like user.file.agent.dir=APPS;%m or modified would be user.file.agent.dir=HOME;%m
      • Once this is modified save that and go back up and select the TempInstall.PRF folder and zip this. Rename the file back to a .ava package.


    That is all that is required on to be changed on the package. The only other thing that needs to be set is the User Files Path in the Mobile Device Server Profile(4.8) or in 5.0 it's in the upload path in the Mobile DServer Profile. Save that and do a universal deployment. The file will be returned each time the device connects to the mobile device server into the directory specified above. The files will be on the mobile dserver machine in the directory you specify.


    Additional Information:

    Here is a list of usable wildcards which can be added to the store path option in the retrievable file tab to modify the : Store Path This is the specific path, relative to the Store Drive, where the Package Builder will load the files. The Store Path can contain one or more substitution variables that will be replaced with existing real values. The substitution variables are case-sensitive. If a substitution value does not exist, it will be replaced by an empty (null-length) string. This allows the generation of unique repositories for each MU. Variables: %m = The MUs MAC address (supported in Avalanche 3.4 or later versions) %g = The MUs GUID (supported in Avalanche 3.4 or later versions) %t = The MUs TerminaID string (support in Avalanche 3.5 or later versions) %i = The MUs reported IP address. (supported in Avalanche 3.5 or later versions) This field is required if you are using a drive letter as an Install Drive.

    Applicable Product Version(s): All version of AMC


    Also, if you use this functionality, then the device will upload the file every time it connects to AMC. To limit this, create two (2) Mobile Device Server profiles: The first with the settings for returning the file and the second with no settings.


    How to select wildcard files from device?


    ";\\Program Files\\mobile platform\\Logs\\*.xml" gets all the xml files.