Ivanti Service Desk - Web Desk and Self Service Frequently Asked Questions

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    How To Guides

    How to modify the Dashboard Title in WebDesk and SelfService

    Insert a personal default dashboard for a specific user in WebAccess using a script

    Implementing a "Change Group" feature in Self Service

    Displaying your own Logo in WebDesk / Self Service

    How to use the colour of an Incident, Problem, Change, etc. in a report template

    Web Access window design advice (7.4)

    How can I create a boolean check box in Web Access?  (They currently show as drop-down lists)

    How do I make noticeboard items expire on the Web Access dashboard

    Migrating from Service Portal to Web Access

    Changing Web Access from UK date format to US format in 7.5 SP1 onwards

    Increasing the session idle timeout time for Web Access

    How to share a Crystal Server report with your Web Access Users

    Setting a default display depth / minimum lines on multi line text boxes for your Web Access windows

    How to replace the Auto End user handler functionality in Web Access



    Getting LDAP Server authentication working in Web Desk in Service Desk 7.3

    Configure Web Desk/ Web Access to use Integrated Login

    Video On How To Configure WebDesk For Integrated Logon

    How to automatically fail over from an integrated login Web Access to explicit login




    “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation” - When using a window in WebAccess (7.6+)

    403 - Forbidden error when logging in or out of Self Service

    "File not found" issue when manually configuring a Web Desk virtual directory

    My attributes are not aligning in columns on my windows in Web Access (7.5+)

    Multi Line Field in Group Box creating empty space below in WebAccess, IE8

    Recreating Web Desk Administration Shortcut - if it has gone awol

    Collections don't appear read only on a process that is at a read only status

    Error: "Cannot insert duplicate key row in object" when publishing a Shortcut to Web Desk.

    Error "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range" when migrating a dashboard from Console

    Error: "The String was not recognized as a valid DateTime" when saving an IPC in Web Access




    Example images to use on status dashboard items

    The use of cookies by Web Access (covering Web Desk, Self Service and Mobile Web Desk)