How to create links to external folders and unc paths

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    One of our teams want to link multiple documents to a site record (customer record in LANDesk). Rather than having to create 30 plus links, can we create one link to a specific folder per customer record?




    You could try the following.

    Add a new HTML attribute to the object so for this example Customer


    customer object.PNG

    Make sure you make the attribute a string -1 and set the "String SubDataType" to HTML


    Then add the HTML attribute to the window.


    Then add the toolbar on the same window.

    Open the window in "Window Manager" and add the HTML toolbar save the window

    customer window.PNG

    Go to the Administration component and click on "User Management".

    Expand the Groups folder and click on "Customer"

    On the available actions click on "New Customer Group"

    add customer.PNG


    Type the "Full Name" and the "Unique ID"

    In the HTML field type some text that you want to be clickable.

    The click on the button at the far right of the toolbar for creating a hyperlink, this will bring up a dialog box.


    A window will appear:



    In the box for "Link URL" type the UNC path (example "\\server\share\folder")

    Click on OK

    Save the record.

    This will when clicked on open windows explorer in the correct place.