Devices are not visible, they do no show up, are not on the list, etc. when trying to remote control through the Management Gateway.

Version 4



    Some if not all of the devices do not show up as available when Attempting to Remote Control Machines connected to the Management Gateway.



    1. Right-click the remote control icon by the clock and choose status. Use "Switch Mode" to place remote control in Gateway Mode. Then restart the LANDesk Remote Control service.

    2. Check the users section on the /gsb page for the Management Gateway and make sure all users have an "*" for the Organization.
      1. Log into your Gateway management page https://gatewayname/gsb
      2. Log in as an Admin
      3. Go to the users section
      4. Modify the Organization on all of the users to be a * so they match the admin account.
    3. If using the viewer alone make sure that "-agsb:// -c"remote control" is added to the shortcut. Specifying the gateway is also an option.

    4. If the remote control agent is an "On Demand" then ensure that issuser.exe is not presently running in the processes prior to launching rcclient.exe. Also make sure the proper gateway name or IP is being used in the "management gateway" field on the rcclient.

    5. If the agent is resident and the management gateway certificate was distributed with the built in script, it is possible the client machine cannot resolve the management Gateway IP address or name. Check this by opening the .0 file on the client to find out the connection information the client is using. Then browse https://publicIP/gsb then https://publicname/gsb. If only one of these is resolvable from the client machine then see below.

      • Run brokerconfig on the client machine, on the "Gateway Information" tab enter the routable address or name into the Management gateway field. Choose update and then close. Rerun brokerconfig.exe enter in management suite credentials and choose send. Once the send is successful then change the remote control type to gateway and the machine will now appear.

    6. Another good step to perform would be to clear the C:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files\cbaroot\broker folder and resubmit for another certificate again verifying that Gateway information is correct.


    Note: There is a refresh issue with the list on the gateway. If a long list of devices are posted on the Gateway then the page will refresh before you can look at the entire list. The lastest 8.7 service pack addresses this issue. This is not an issue in 8.8.

    Note: To get a new certificate from the core a LANDesk administrator account should be used (if the system is not on the domain) in Brokerconfig.exe and the proper connection method should be selected.