What privileges do I give my users to create personal dashboards?

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    Service Desk 7.6 and newer




    What privilege do I have to give my user's Groups or Role in order for them to create personal dashboards?




    The below privileges will give the Group / Role the rights to right click in the Shortcut panel and create a new personal Dashboard:



    Configuration Components - Configuration (Double click on Configuration)
    Configuration Components - Configuration - Designers: (Double click on Designers) 
       -Maintain Personal Dashboard 
       -Personalise Dashboard



    To see a list of all users and to delete personal Dashboards please see below Article:





    The below privilege will give the Group / Role the right to modify a system dashboard and with that create their own personal version of this dashboard. (This privilege will not give them rights to save the changes made to the system Dashboard, the system Dashboard will stay the same. They will simply just be allowed to create a personalised version)


    This means that whenever the system dashboard is loaded for the user, they will see their own personalised version instead.



    Modules - User Interface - None-Process Related Object: (Double click on None-Process Related Object)
       -Personalised Dashboard



    To see a list of all users and to delete personal views please see below Article:





    Please note that all privilege changes require an IISReset to take affect.