Creating a Note Window with Incident Details

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    The need will arise where you need to create a Note for an Incident, Request, Problem, etc… and when you do you will probably want to see the details from the Incident.  Prior to 7.6.1,  related attributes from the parent process have not been viewable on a collection window until the collection item has been saved.  For example, if you added the related Title attribute from Incident to your Incident Note window, the Incident's Title would not appear on the Note window until you saved the Note window. From V7.6.1, the Incident Title field now appears when the Note window first appears.




    Please take a backup of your database and test this in a development environment before implementing in production.


    The way to achieve this in the product is to use Update Actions (more information here: Dummy/Ghost Windows - What are they, and how are they used?).

    First, you will need to create a couple of new attributes on the process object (Incident, Request, etc…)


    • Notes Details: String (-1)
    • Notes Summary: String (100 – 200)


    The attributes in the “Incident Detail” group box are the Title and Description from Incident.


    *Note:  You may want to make this identical to your Notes window.  On the actual Notes window (which can be seen below) should include the main Incident object in order for it to reference the Incident so that when it’s opened it will show the Incident data.

    Now, within Process Designer, create a new Update Action (aka.Windowed Windowless Action”) called “Add New Note” making sure that you set the “Allow Association with Window = True




    Update your workflow to add the new action.  Follow that action with an automatic “Add Note”.  This will create the note as a collection item with the ticket.



    Update the automatic action to pass the correct values from the newly created “Incident Notes” window.


    Set a value of “Incident” for the Incident box.  This will pull over the incident reference ID for this note.



    Update View rules for your Incident Workflow a Add New Note Action à Incident Notes Window




    • The one drawback to this method is that when “Add New Note” is used more than once within a ticket, the old note information will remain in the Notes Summary and the Notes Details on the form.  You can overwrite this and it’ll progress fine, but it’ll remain there until it’s overwritten.  May be nice for someone adding a new note as they will see what was on the form prior to the new addition.


    This method will let you create a note and see the details of the Incident at the same time.  It will also keep the new notes in the collection as expected.



    Hope this helps