How to use the Ivanti EPM Software Deployment Portal

Version 13

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2018.x



    The purpose of this document is to cover the usage of the Ivanti EPM Software Deployment Portal.




    The following prerequisites must be met in order to use the Software Distribution Portal in Ivanti EPM:


    • Ensure the Scheduled task is not set to reoccurring. This is configured in the Scheduled Task Properties window under Schedule Task and Task Settings.

    Schedule Task.png

    • Ensure that the "Task Type" is set to Policy under Task Settings.

    Task Settings.png

    • The "Portal Options" under "Portal Settings" must be configured as Recommended (display in portal) or Optional (display in portal).

    Portal Settings.png

    One the applicable devices have been added, start the task.


    Viewing the Policy in the Portal


    Once the task has been started, the core will process the task and create the policy for each device in the task.


    The task is ready to appear on the Portal when the "Status" says Waiting and the "Result" says Policy has been made available in the Ivanti EPM console.

    Task Status.png

    At this point, it is up to the workstation to run PolicySync.exe and retrieve the task. This is done in a couple of ways:


    • The Local Scheduler on the workstation runs PolicySync.exe automatically due to its scheduled recurrence. This is configured under the Distribution and Patch Agent Settings under Policy Sync Schedule.
    • PolicySync.exe can be forced to run by clicking the Refresh button in the Ivanti EPM Portal Manager

    PolicySync Schedule.pngPortal Manager.png