How to Scan and/or Repair against a custom group

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    This article describes how to scan and/or repair based on a custom group that has been created in Patch and Compliance Manager




    In Patch and Compliance Manager, there is the option to create a custom group.


    To create a new group


    1. Open the Security and Compliance tool group on the Core Server or Remote Console
    2. Go to the Patch and Compliance tool.
    3. Expand the "Groups" node in the left-hand pane.



       4. Right-click on either "My Groups" or "Public Groups" and select "New".




    Once you have created a new group, you can drag and drop definitions to the group as you desire. Then, in the Distribution and Patch Settings, you can set the job to scan for GROUP as opposed to TYPES, and point it to your custom group.  Once you have scanned against this, you can then REPAIR the entire custom group at once by right-clicking the group in Patch and Compliance Manager and selecting repair.


    To create a repair task open Security and Compliance Manager and follow the steps below


    1. Right-click the custom group desired
    2. Choose "Repair".



       3. Proceed to create the scheduled task.

    For more information about the scheduled task window, please refer to the Basic Repair task document located here: How to create a basic Repair task using EPM. Using this custom group method you can skip Step 1.