Cannot change Protection Level in Window Manager / Attribute is Read Only

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    In window manager some of my attributes have the Protection Level greyed out and I cannot change this.




    There are a few attribute that you can use on window that will not allow you to change the Protection Level. Below is a description of the attributes and the reason why you cannot change this.


    Calculation Attributes:

    Any attribute which has a Calculation set in Object Designer will automatically be Read Only on the window, which cannot be changed. The reason is that the Calculation is controlling given data in the field and so no manual data is allowed to be entered.


    Related Attributes.

    A related Attribute means that the attribute is linked to a different Object than the Object you are currently on.

    For exmaple if you add your "Raise User" attribute to the window you can expand this in the attribute list and add on "Email" This will then in the properties 'Full Name' show as: "RaiseUser.Email"

    This attribute will be automatically populated when you select the value from the Raise User drop down list. The value will come from the selected User and cannot be changed directly on the main IPC.