When Using Telnet CE an Expected ERROR Screen Does Not Display

Version 2


    While using WL Telnet CE the terminal screen did not display an ERROR screen as expected. When using a different emulator the Error screen displays fine.


    Caused By:

    Input is typed or scanned. It is sent to the emulation host where it is evaluated and deemed incorrect. It is expected that an ERROR screen should appear for three seconds on the device. After three seconds a new screen will display for entering new input. Instead, the error screen is not displayed and the new input screen is displayed.



    The Error screen has no input/output fields. The option in the emulation parameters to display a screen that is not setup with input/output fields is:

    “Screen Update Optimization”

    This option can enable or disable screen update optimizations. Normally the optimizations are enabled to avoid flickering during screen updates. However, disabling this option can make the screen updates more responsive to the server.