How to add Collection data to a Note, for example, With Customer.

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    I would like a note added on to the incident for every time I move the Incident to With Customer. The note needs to include the With Customer details. This is to make it easier for the Analysts to see exactly what has happened when on the Incident and they don't have to look at both With Customer and Note Collection.





    You can do this by adding an automatic "Add Note" action in directly after the "With Customer" action in the Process. You can then use Runtime values to copy the data from the "With Customer" Collection over to the "Note" Collection.


    Here is a step by step example:


    1. Go to Process Designer and open the relevant Process up to modify. Make sure you deactivate the Process.

    2. Add an automatic action directly after the "With Customer" action and select "Add Note" from the action list.




    2. add_note.jpg


    3. In the Note window that will pop up, right click on the attribute that you want to be filled in, for example Details and choose: "Value Type"


    3. value type.jpg


    4. In the "Control Value Selection" window that you get up, tick the "Specify a runtime value for control" and then in the attribute list, expand: Incident - With Customer and tick "Details". This is the attribute that you want to collect the data from.


    4. runtime_value.jpg


    5. Click OK. The note window will now look like this:


    5. runtime_value.jpg


    6. Click OK on the Note window

    7. Link the actions in the process up accordingly:


    6. process.jpg


    8. Save and activate your process agian.


    Now when ever you go through the "With Customer" action a note will automatically be added to the Incident and the body of the note will contain the data from the description field on the With Customer Collection.



    Please note that this can be done after any Collection action, not just with the "With Customer" action.



    If you notice that your Add Note action is picking up the same value from the With Customer action every time you go through the With Customer action and not picking up the new value just added in the "With Customer" action, then please see this article to fix this: