Runtime Value or Placeholder keeps picking up the same value

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    I have an automatic action that contains a Placeholder / Runtime Value to pick up data from a relevant Collection.

    This works fine the first time i go through the relevant Collection, but the second and third time I go through this it keeps picking up the same data as I typed in the first time I added the Collection to the incident and not the data from the second or third time.





    Whenever you use a Runtime Value or Placeholder, this will automatically pick up the latest added value. For example, if you add the Add Note action and then an Add Reminder action after this, with a runtime value to pick up the text from the note, it will the first time pick up the first note and the second time pick up the second note. For the system to know which Collection to retrieve the data from, it will look on the Object's Creation Date attribute and see which one was created last.


    If the Object that you are referring to in your Runtime Value or Placeholder doesn't have a Creation Date with a given persistence type of 'Creation' it will not know which Collection was added first and therefore just pick the first one in the list, which most likely will be the first one you created.





    If you do not have a "Creation Date" attribute on your Object, you can very easilly create one.


    1. Go to Object Designer and find the Object that you are looking to retrieve the data from. From the example above, this would be the "Note" Object.

    2. Select to create a new Attribute.

    3. In the Data Type, select: Datetime.

    4. When you do this you will get a pop up window asking if you woud like to specify a Persistence Type. Select: "CreateDateTime".

    5. Save Object Designer.


    If you do already have a "Creation Date" attribute on your Object, highlight this attribute and look for the "Persistence Type" setting in the Properties to see if this states "CreateDateTime". If this doesn't, then here is an article in how to change this on a Date Time field: