Deploying Flash Player with Software Distribution

Version 1


    Unable to deploy Flash Player to Macintosh computers via Software Distribution.



    The "regular" DMG from Adobe for the Flash install only copies the installer into the applications folder. But does never runs it.



    1- Apply for an Adobe Redistributable License for Flash Player here:

    2. Once you have completed that process and have downloaded the Redistributable DMG file, double click the DMG to mount it.

    3. Right click on the Install Adobe Flash Player app in the DMG, select Show Package Contents.

    4- Navigate to Contents- Resources- Adobe Flash Player.pkg. Copy it out to your desktop on an OSX device. (Has to be an OSX Client, or it won't work.)

    5- Zip the PKG file up. So that it is a PKG.ZIP.

    6- Copy it over to your Software Distribution share. Build your Software Dist Package and schedule it out.


    That should give you a distributable version of the software to deploy.